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Making will always be at the core of our practice in the Arts. However, in today’s fluid global economic and cultural environment I’ve led a charge at the Furman Art Department to embrace the teaching of an entrepreneurial mindset as a significant outcome.


Art entrepreneurship is an important and subtle shift in the way we encourage student to think about the transitioning skills they learn in studying art and how those skills enhance many different career paths. That we want to take our students beyond the model as freelancers or founder and encourage them to think about empathetic creativity and experimentation through making that is something they carry with them beyond their job title.


To read more about Furman’s unique approach to an Arts Entrepreneurial mindset see the links below for a few examples.

 Artivate - Reframing the Arts within the Liberal Arts Community: Teaching an Arts Entrepreneurial Mindset to Achieve Transdisciplinary Outcomes

Reframing the Arts within the Liberal Arts Community

Upcoming talks: Foundations in Art: Theory and Education Conference (FATE).

April 2021

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