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One of my most significant contributions over the last eight years has been the development of the Master of Arts in Strategic Design at Furman University. The program differs from traditional MA degrees in that the professional development components and artistic training are integrated with theory and the liberal arts ethos. The course of study was collaboratively designed with faculty from Communication Studies, English, Business, and the Art department. Additionally, I routinely partner with Furman’s Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, participating in their programs and integrating their expertise into student projects and events. Students move between our campus at Furman and the Miami Ad School in Atlanta, where the portfolio-centered curriculum allows them to build a professional practice while promoting our core principles of curiosity, experimentation, and innovation. The program is truly interdisciplinary and adaptable, providing a space for creative thinking while demonstrating the clear market value of a making education that gives the breadth of an MBA and depth of an MFA.

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