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Research and Discovery

Over the years, I’ve explored Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs theory, which centers on human basic needs for development that must be met to strive toward the higher goal of self-actualization. I want to extend beyond that theory’s apex (self-actualization) and focus on the higher level of self-actualized states. The levels that can promote creativity, curiosity, and reflection. I’m intrigued in exploring different modalities that may assist in promoting creativity and optimum health, like bio/neurofeedback. Certain types of protocols, like Alpha/Theta training, within this modality, are reportedly showing increases in creativity and adaptability.



Events and Programs

This student design and pitch competition provided a forum to highlight the skills and talents of tomorrow’s design, innovation, entrepreneurial and communication professionals. Students had approximately 24-hours to solve and submit solutions for the design project (design the projects, build or create the prototypes for the projects, strategically align the project for scalability and prepare your presentation/pitch). Furman University and Miami Ad School @ Portfolio Center provided judges. Miami Ad School @ Portfolio Center and their vast professional network provide access to industry leader for the kickoff keynote speaker for the event.